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Aapla Gaon
Aapla Gaon is a section of the hotel which is designed as the actual village in the olden days, there is a huge Gate which is 14 feets in height & 20 feets in width. It has a door which is beautifully carved & decorated.
  Apal Gaon  
  Ganpati Mandir  
Ganesh Temple :
After entering the gate there is a beautiful Lord Ganesha Temple, we begin our journey to Aapla Gaon after worshipping Lord ganesh.


Here at Aapla Gaon you will find an beauiful river running around with ducks in it, you will really enjoy the site.

  Nadicha Pravah  


Everybody likes to find information about the future, so here at Aapla Gaon we have an Astrologer who tells you about your future.

Bara Balutedar

Bara Balutedar is servant system in Maharashtra Villages which occurs some castes who used to work for the villagers in their surroundings, So here at Aapla Gaon we can see the Balutedars who are a mannequin of a potter, a car painter & a Blacksmith who look so real..
  Bara Balutedar  
  Vadacha Par  

Banyan Tree

A Shady Banyan Tree is a common Scene in a village across India where villagers sit across the tree here at Aapla gaon you can see the same big banyan tree.

Hanuman Temple

Like every village has a Hanuman Temple, who protects the village, Aapal gaon also has a beautiful Hanuman temple in it.
  Maruti Mandir  

Puppet show

People of all age groups can enjoy the beautiful puppet show at Aapla Gaon.
You can apply attractive mehndi on you hands by our mehndi professionals.
  Mehandi Wale  
There is also a wooden two floored building called Patilwada which is exact replica of an old house one’s that belonged to patils of the village. The patilwada has antique furniture & fixtures that add to the effect.

Traditional Meal with traditional style

Food here at patilwada is purely maharashtrian style cooked on earthen stove. The seating is like pangat, one who can’t sit on Ground can ask for table & Chair.

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